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Jurgita Lemešiūtė - Frejienė
Managing Partner
+370 614 65999

Jurgita Lemešiūtė

Founder and Managing Partner at People Link. Jurgita has 10+ years of experience in recruitment, executive search and employee assessment.  International Executive MBA and Organizational Psychology master’s degree plus work experience with most successful companies in Lithuania and abroad allows her to consult organizations not only in fields of executive and professional search but also to help organizations develop their employer brand, employee evaluation and development systems, to enhance employee engagement and motivation.

Ruta Rataviciute

Ruta is in charge of People Link London office. With a background in the organizational psychology and over 6 years of experience in recruitment, she finds personnel search and selection a very exciting and challenging profession.

I am always very curious about the sector I’m searching in; I enjoy networking and meeting new people; and most of all I love hearing stories, thoughts and expectations of others. All of this combined is essential to perform well in my job. Nothing interests me more than the process of identifying and creating a firm link between a person and a company.

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Rūta Ratavičiūtė
Senior Consultant / Partner
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Jūratė Mikaitė
Senior Consultant / Partner
+370 655 70800

Jūratė Mikaitė

Jūratė is result oriented and proactive HR professional with more than 14 years experience in HR management, recruitment and executive search in Lithuania and abroad. Having a profound knowledge and experience of the business and its intricacies, as well as an ability to build long-term, trusting relationships with clients and HR colleagues.

Everyday work and our relationship with customer is based on trust, sincerity,  professionalism and experience.  Our main goal of every single selection process is to make both –  the company and the selected person –  happy and content with their decision.  It is the best reward for us.

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Ugnė Mykolaitytė
Senior Consultant
+370 68012549

Ugne specializes in the finance and administration industry. She takes a good care of our clients’ finance departments by helping find and recruit the best managers and specialists.

Ugne is also in charge of inner recruitment process quality at People Link.

I consider finance and administration roles the most essential in every company hence I pride in specializing in this field. I try to enhance my search and evaluation skills daily which not only helps me to perform better at my work but also benefits my candidates by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses. As a result I have a wide contact network which is my great advantage when filling the roles for my clients.

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Rimgailė Samušytė
Consultant for Personnel Assessment and Organizational Surveys
+370 66520886

Rimgailė is responsible for personnel assessment tools and organizational surveys. While holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology she is constantly enhancing her knowledge in psychometric tools and evaluation techniques which makes her strong in consulting both her colleagues and clients on decisions to recruit or promote their employees or candidates. Rimgailė also conducts motivational factors surveys in various sectors.

In order to deliver the best results, one needs to do what one’s the best doing at. And their work environment plays a crucial part in this. Therefore a comprehensive assessment of personnel is very important. My aim is to help companies take the right decisions which would enable their employees to achieve top results.

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Matas Martinkėnas
Associate Partner
+370 696 09920

Matas specializes in the engineering industry, including technical sales. While many of the employers are trying to win a war for the best employees, Matas is proud of having created a numerous peaceful and fruitful relationships with the best talents, specialists and managers of the engineering industry.

In addition Matas is also constantly working to improve People Link’s sourcing methods and techniques.

With the help of the most effective and modern sourcing techniques, I am able to reach out to a vast number of engineering talents. Having established valuable connections with these potential candidates, I very well know what opportunities would meet their expectations and are likely to result in a new partnership!

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Vilūnė Kazlauskaitė
Senior Consultant
+370 618 29820

Vilūnė is responsible for sourcing candidates at sales, export and customer services field. Also she often joins the selection of finance and administration industry positions.

In today’s rushing society, it is very important for a person to understand his purpose, to discover true values and to search for the way he wants to go, regardless of the number of challenges it has prepared. As a consultant, I seek to identify those who have the courage and resolve to strive for the values of their lives and make strong moves towards their dreams.

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Dovilė Baltramiejūnaitė
Senior Consultant
+370 610 22553

Dovile is a very talented phone and digital sourcer. Her incredible energy and persistence allows us to successfully identify and attract the best employees in the engineering and financial sectors.

The main principle that guides me in my life is: my job is not just a job. It also defines who I am. We change other people’s lives in recruitment so it needs to be conducted with the greatest care and responsibility.

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Danas Venclovas
Senior Consultant
+370 613 89310

Danas always strives for the highest quality and best result. Education in organizations psychology and experience in team management and technical work fields, helps to view more objectively at candidates and more clearly understand their needs. Danas works with high-level engineering and IT professionals and seeks to find the best candidates for our clients.

Every day, each conversation is different, people never become a routine. We all have knowledge, competence and talent – some people hide it, others allow it to bloom. Those who develop their talent can achieve ALL!

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Deimantė Petrauskaitė
Talent Sourcer
+370 620 34208

Deimantė specializes in financial, administrative and human resources talent search, but also work with projects in order to discover best talents.

Love for work and the ability to continuously improve myself being surrounded by the best specialists is a form of my daily motivation. I believe that everyone is worth finding one’s professional path and I am happy to contribute to this process. Thus, work in the recruitment field makes it possible for me not only to apply the accumulated knowledge, but also to express myself.

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Justina Macijauskaitė
+370 698 27356

Justina is responsible for engineering and finance specialist search and selection process. She successfully uses engineering searching strategy for finance talents attraction and opposite.

Nowadays we all compete for the most actual positions and the best candidates, so it is very important to find a real match between it and here is the place where I feel my strength and can help you.

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Sandra Urbaitė
Recruitment marketing and communication specialist
+370 616 49208

Sandra specializes in talent search and selection of sales, export, and customer service positions. Also she works with company’s communication.

I always try to do everything with love, passion and devotion. I believe that sincere work and efforts are those things that come back like a boomerang to you, so it’s worth giving 100% of yourself. If you love doing something – you smile and “A smile is the light in the window of your face that shows that your heart is at home”. For me the smile of my clients and candidates is the best indicator that I’m on the right track.

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Gailė Sandaitė
Care Manager
+370 524 87265
+370 616 49208

Gailė is People Link Care Manager.

I believe that nothing is insurmountable. Sincere work and love for what you do will help you to achieve even the biggest goals!