Areas of specialisation

Sales and marketing

Sales, marketing and purchasing professionals are in high demand on the job market. In every organisation, these are the positions that create the greatest value for growth and business development.

Utilising our database, the contacts we have and the latest sourcing methods, we’re able to find the best professionals and – being good at sales ourselves – secure their interest.

In order to determine whether a future employee will achieve sales targets and suitably represent your company, our strongest psychologists conduct the assessment.

We have the most experience in recruiting for these sales and marketing positions:

  • Heads of Sales / Marketing / Purchasing / Sourcing Units
  • VIP Account Managers / Product Group Managers / Sales Project Managers / Brand Managers / Category Managers
  • Purchasing Managers / Marketing Managers
  • Active Sales Managers / Telemarketing Managers

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IT professionals rarely look for work on job portals. But they are active on social networks and at IT-related events (conferences, trainings and the like). With that in mind, we’re constantly expanding our database of candidates, staying active on social networks, participating in a variety of forums, conferences, events and exhibits, and attending professional clubs and training sessions in order to steadily enlarge our pool of talent.

Another key in the recruitment of IT specialists is speaking the same language as candidates: understanding the specifics of their work and using technical terms fluently. Because they interact with IT professionals every day, our consultants are able not only to accurately assess candidates but also to earn their trust. It’s not just about knowing the difference between back-end and front-end, but being able to discuss the latest IT trends and developments. Since we build relationships on a partnership basis, many IT professionals turn to us first when they’re starting to look for new opportunities.

Our specialties in IT personnel search and selection include:

  • Programmers / Testers / Administrators
  • Consultants / Analysts / Other IT Specialists
  • Technical Managers / IT Department Heads
  • IT Project Managers / Internet Project Managers / Sales Managers
  • Digital Communications and/or Marketing Specialists

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Finance and administration

Job offers for administrative and finance positions attract the most interest from active candidates. Knowing the overriding importance of accuracy and clarity for employees in this field, we make an effort to communicate the goals set for the new hire even more specifically and clearly. That ensures both a smooth selection process and solid long-term partnership with your new team member. At clients’ request, we can check candidates’ professional competencies through accounting, office administration, working speed, intelligence and other tests.

We’re most experienced in recruiting for these administrative and finance positions:

  • Finance Directors / Chief Financial Officers / Auditors / Financial Controllers
  • Human Resource Directors / Heads of Administration
  • Accountants / Financial Analysts / Personnel Managers
  • Office Administrators / Bookkeepers / Transaction Managers / Account Managers
  • Lawyers

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We’ve been working with representatives of this profession for more than 7 years now, so we understand very well the nature and specifics of their work as well as the challenges involved. We’ve earned their trust and speak with them in a language they understand. To attract professionals with engineering specialties, we use direct search methods from the very start. Since specialists in this area are not very active on social networks, we develop long-term personal contacts with the strongest professionals so that at the right time we can offer career changes that fit their expectations.

We’re most experienced in searches for these engineering positions:

  • Construction / Production / Design Department Heads
  • Construction Project Managers / Partial Project Managers
  • Specialists and Managers in Construction / Production / Machinery / Design / Maintenance / Operations
  • Electronics and High Tech Engineers / Physicists / Metalworking Technologists
  • Production Planners

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