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Talent sourcing

It’s very rare for top professionals to actively seek employment, which is why we dedicate two-thirds of search time to finding passive candidates and interesting them in the offer.

We’ve discovered the most effective search methods and also stay in step with advances around the world while constantly enhancing our digital search skills and tools.

The channels we use to source candidates include target companies, social networks, databases, universities and professional associations or groups.

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Employee or candidate assessment

For employee assessment, we combine a performance-based model with Tripod professional psychological testing – a standardised methodology that makes it possible to compare an employee or candidate against the norms for different countries adjusted for age and gender.

This reliable approach lets us not only determine the strengths and weaknesses of your employees or candidates, but also determine their training needs, learning speed and growth potential, and predict how they will function on your team. Our consultants are certified users of this methodology.

Employee assessment will benefit you when:

  • You’re planning employee careers and trainings;
  • You want to determine employees’ potential and set growth objectives;
  • You’re conducting a reorganisation or plan to promote/dismiss employees;
  • You seek to improve employee motivation and performance;
  • You’re setting new goals for employees and want to track their progress;
  • You don’t have a system for employee performance reviews.

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