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Employee search and selection

  • Full employee search and selection

    To evaluate candidates

  • Executive search and selection

    For executive searches

  • Talent sourcing

    To finding passive candidates

  • Employee or candidate assessment

    To compare an employee or candidate

  • International employee search and selection

    To help our clients grow in foreign markets

People Link - Padeda Atrasti Tinkamiausius Darbuotojus
Your organisation

Organisational solutions

  • Employer brand research and development

    An image that influences potential employees

  • Personnel audit

    To comprehensively assess an organisation’s human resource system

  • 360 feedback and performance review systems

    To encourage employees to succeed in what they do and to foster productivity

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

    To see employees’ needs and problems

  • Employee engagement surveys

    To assess employees’ engagement

People Link naudojami įrankiai darbuotojų atrankai
What methods do we use?


Our Team

Is Our Strength

We are often being asked one question: what makes People Link so unique? The answer is simple: our people do.

There is always a dedicated team of 2-3 specialist recruiters behind every assignment we execute. This includes an in-house Sourcing team and a Senior Consultant who not only have an in-depth knowledge of that specific country and niche market but also genuinely care about your business and will demonstrate her/his personal involvement by being accessible to you at any time during the total duration of the assignment.

Jurgita Lemešiūtė – Frejienė

Vyresnioji konsultantė / Vadovaujanti partnerė

Pirmame pokalbyje dėl darbo, paklausta apie savo karjeros tikslus, atsakiau “noriu būti geriausia savo srityje”, dabar suprantu, kad tokioje dinamiškoje aplinkoje šis kelias yra nesibaigiantis, bet tvirtai žengiu savo pasirinkimo link ir siekiu įkvėpti visą People Link komandą. Tikiu, kad esame vieni iš geriausių rinkoje, nes mums rūpi mūsų klientų verslas, mes sekame rinkos naujienas, dažnai pirmieji pristatome naujoves Lietuvoje, keliame personalo paslaugų kokybę.

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Our Clients

Are Our Partners

Our clients are SME and blue chip companies of various capitals and structures. The thing they have in common – they treat us as their long-term partners and this approach is mutual. It is rarely a one-off project because our clients tend to come back to us after realizing that our genuine care about their business and our in-depth market knowledge is what contributes most to the successful recruitment of their new team members.

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